For all of us who wish to sleep better

Hvil® is your digital sleep coach that helps you understand your sleep, what affects your sleep and gives you the tools to establish habits, behaviors and thoughts around your sleep so you can sleep better.

I sleep, and I sleep wonderfully.

I’m no longer afraid of not being able to sleep and don't worry about what happens, if I don't sleep. I'm deeply grateful for Hvil®.

Inger-Margrethe, 68 years
What do I get with Hvil®?

Your personal diary

Hvil helps you track and understand your sleep through daily check-ins.

Follow your progress

You can continuously see how your sleep habits and sleep quality are developing.

A tailored program

You get personalized advice and guidance on how best to improve your chances of getting more and better sleep.

Not a quick fix

Many solutions on the market promise faster results, while reality is different. It takes time to change habits.


fewer nightly awakenings


increase their sleep quality


completed activities by our users

How is Hvil® different?

Many sleep apps on the market offer sound files as the primary tool to sleep. We believe that good sleep is more complicated than that.

That's why we offer a sleep program, so you can be supported in changing the parameters that have a negative impact on your sleep, so you can learn to sleep better.

Can't sleep?

Hvil® contains a sleep program so you can learn how to improve your sleep. With a sleep program, you learn about what affects your sleep and are supported in changing the parameters that contribute to your poor sleep.

Hvil® has had a very positive impact on the quality of my sleep. I have much less awakenings during the night and I also fall asleep faster. So I have experienced a very positive effect from using Hvil® - no doubt about it.

Jeanette, 50 years

I didn't dare believe that I could sleep well again. I've been at my wits end, but Hvil® has really helped me. Now I often sleep soundly at night.

Mariann, 59 years

I am very grateful for what the course in Hvil® has given me. It has really made a difference to me and my sleep.

Anita, 55 years

I would definitely recommend Hvil® to others.

Jeanette, 50 years

Hvil® has given me a wonderful experience of not being destroyed. I can actually sleep well.

Mariann, 59 years

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