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How to get better sleep...

.. is to understand your physical and mental health

That's why Hvil® was created in close collaboration with sleep experts and researchers within the field of cognitive behavioural therapy. The research project in which Hvil® was created is financed by TrygFonden and include Enversion and Aarhus University and others.

Our vision

Many people are affected by poor sleep to such an extent that it influences their daily life and quality of life.

This is typically handled with sleeping pills which can be highly addictive. Another option is sleep therapy - but this can be difficult to access.

With Hvil® we want to create a digital alternative that must be efficient, easy to use and accessible to everyone with sleep problems.

Unit for Psycho-Oncology and Health Psychology

EPOS at Aarhus University is a an interdisciplinary research unit with a particular focus on health problems as well as biological, psychological and social aspects of cancer and cancer treatment. In recent years, the unit has carried out a number of research projects, including testing the effect of digitally delivered therapy against insomnia, tele-delivered therapy for people with COPD and mapping psychosocial late effects among former cancer patients.


Enversion is an IT company with extensive experience in data-driven digitisation in the healthcare field. Enversion's overall task in the project is to digitise evidence-based methods for and knowledge about sleep treatment in a user-friendly digital format. Enversion supports the project group from Aarhus University with its expert skills in artificial intelligence and advanced analysis methods, thereby increasing the degree of personalisation and feedback in the final solution.


TrygFonden works for a society where more people with mental unhappiness and illness receive better treatment. One of TrygFonden's objectives is thus to develop and test new methods for mental health promotion, including structural measures. The present research project aims precisely at developing and optimising the treatment offered to Danes suffering from sleep problems.

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