Young people with sleep problems

Hvil® helps and prevents the citizen's sleep and behavior without the use of a face-to-face interaction with a therapist or psychologist.

Insomnia affects citizens' quality of life

Research shows that insomnia and problems falling asleep affect the citizen's mental and psychological health.

Insomnia is associated with risks for the development of e.g. obesity, depression, anxiety, reduced self-esteem, dementia, cardiovascular diseases and early death.

Effective sleep treatment is in short supply

Sleeping pills are the most used solution for treating insomnia, but have a short-term effect and can be addictive.

Today, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the first-line treatment. Research shows that CBT is remedial, effective and long-lasting against insomnia.

Lack of warm hands

There is a great shortage of therapists and psychologists in Denmark who can provide cognitive behavioral therapy courses. A study carried out by the Danish Association of Psychologists showed that the average waiting time for treatment by a psychologist is 16.2 weeks, which is the highest recorded in recent times (Read about the study here). This can have serious consequences for society and the individual citizen. The long waiting time can lead to further deterioration of the citizen's health and quality of life.


suffer from chronic sleep problems

1 out of 10

experience less fatigue after using Hvil®

16 week waiting period

to receive psychological help on average

The solution is digital

Hvil® is a mobile-based app which aims to measure, screen, and improve the citizen's sleep by means of individual coaching and maintenance of good sleep habits.

Hvil® contains a sleep diary and a personalized course, which is based on digitally delivered cognitive behavioral therapy courses for citizens.

Digital. Scalable. Flexible.

Hvil® helps and prevents the citizen's sleep and sleep behavior without the need for face-to-face interaction with a therapist or psychologist. This means that the citizen is not dependent on available treatment times, but can receive help digitally. Your citizens can get started already today - the solution is at hand.

Hvil® puts sleep on schedule

When students sleep poorly, it can lead to increased sickness absence and impaired ability to concentrate - which is a particularly big problem at an age when you spend a large part of your time at school and have to focus on learning new things.

Unit for Psycho-Oncology and Health Psychology

EPOS at Aarhus University is a an interdisciplinary research unit with a particular focus on health problems as well as biological, psychological and social aspects of cancer and cancer treatment. In recent years, the unit has carried out a number of research projects, including testing the effect of digitally delivered therapy against insomnia, tele-delivered therapy for people with COPD and mapping psychosocial late effects among former cancer patients.

Enversion is an IT company with extensive experience in data-driven digitisation in the healthcare field. Enversion's overall task in the project is to digitise evidence-based methods for and knowledge about sleep treatment in a user-friendly digital format. Enversion supports the project group from Aarhus University with its expert skills in artificial intelligence and advanced analysis methods, thereby increasing the degree of personalisation and feedback in the final solution.

TrygFonden works for a society where more people with mental unhappiness and illness receive better treatment. One of TrygFonden's objectives is thus to develop and test new methods for mental health promotion, including structural measures. The present research project aims precisely at developing and optimising the treatment offered to Danes suffering from sleep problems.

I am very grateful for what the course in Hvil® has given me. It has really made a difference to me and my sleep.

Jeg er meget taknemmelig for det, som forløbet i Hvil® har givet mig. Det har virkelig gjort en forskel for mig og min søvn.

Anita, 55 years

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