Cognitive therapy for insomnia

A measurement

At regular intervals, Hvil® asks you a series of questions to assess how your sleep is going.

Based on your answers and your sleep history, we give you your Hvil® score. This makes it possible to assess the quality of your sleep problem and follow your development over time.

A scientific basis

The Hvil® score is based on the international questionnaire Insomnia Severity Index (ISI), which measures the severity of the sleep problem.

The Hvil® score places you on a scale from 0-100%. If your Hvil® score is above 75%, you are considered not to suffer from insomnia, while a Hvil® score below 75% indicates that you suffer from insomnia. This therefore means that the better you sleep, the closer your Rest® score will be to 100%.

With Hvil®, you can keep an eye on how well you sleep and see how your sleep develops, while you work to improve it with the help of your sleep coach.

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