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A unique insight in sleep

Sleep can be a complex character - and a relevant parameter to keep an eye on, if we want to understand what is key for people's being and everyday.

That's why we investigate our users sleep based on a range of parameters - and not only the hours they spend in bed.

We already experience interest from various research projects who wish to collect knowledge about their user's sleep.

We are very pleased about this, since it is something we want to support. Below you can read how Hvil® can help you investigate.

Hvil® is part of the research project "Optimizing Digital Sleep Treatment", which originates from the Unit for Psychotherapy and Health Psychology (EPoS), Department of Psychology, Aarhus University. Read more here.

What do you get with Hvil®?

Sleep diary

Hvil® asks the participants a series of questions every morning and evening. This morning and evening check-in helps Hvil® understand how participants sleep and what may have affected their sleep. At the same time, it helps the participants to reflect on how their night and day has been.

Support for action

Hvil® sends daily reminders to participants to make it a habit to fill in their sleep diary. The participants themselves can set when they want to receive reminders, so that it fits as best as possible into their morning routine and daily life.


The participants are continuously given the measure of their sleep problem. This measurement is saved as their Hvil® score, and is based on the Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) score. The measurement focuses on difficulties falling asleep and maintaining sleep, as well as the extent to which the bad affects your daily life.

Data extraction

Hvil® allows anonymized and segmented data extraction or access to dashboards, which can help you and your research learn more about how participants' sleep patterns look.

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