About the program

The right tools for better sleep

1. It all starts on your phone

By downloading Hvil® you're taking your first step towards good sleep.

With the sleep diary, you can examine how effectively you sleep every day and gain insight into the degree of your sleep problem.

With a sleep program, you get tailored advice and guidance on how to best improve your chances of more and better sleep. It requires that your company, organization or municipality give you access.

Note: Only avaliable in danish!


2. Understand your sleep

Knowledge about sleep is an important part of the process with Hvil®.

Therefore, you learn how sleep "works" and affects your body, and we can use this knowledge to help you sleep better.

And - for the curious one's, the app also contains a knowledge section with easy access to the latest news from sleep research.

3. Sleep diary

With Hvil® you get access to a sleep diary and Hvil®-score.

The sleep diary consists of daily questions that give you insight into the effectiveness of your sleep. The Hvil®-score provides insight into the degree of sleep problems. Both parts can be followed continuously as they are filled out.

For those users who have a sleep program, this data is also used to adapt the process to suit the user's profile.

4. Sleep program

With a sleep program you are assigned activities every day that you must complete to increase the likelihood of better sleep.

We customize everything to suit you. Based on your entries, we create a personalized program of a total of 9 weeks.

At the moment, you can only access a sleep course through your company, organization or municipality.

5. Limit your sleep

It may sound contrary, but one of the exercises can consist of reducing your sleep. The purpose of this is to build up fatigue in order to ensure that you sleep effectively when you finally have to go to bed.

Hvil® calculates your bedtimes for this exercise on the basis of your sleep pattern, and continuously adjusts on the basis of your development.

6. A new perspective

Poor sleep can be caused by many things - which is why Hvil® also works with your thoughts about sleep.

This is done through exercises that are based on cognitive therapy, which help you overcome negative thought patterns - to create the best possible foundation for good sleep.

7. And much more

Besides sleep restriction and cognitive therapy, Hvil® also consists of other exercises, all of which aim to help you sleep better through understanding and activities.

However, Hvil® is not a quick fix - it takes both time and work to overcome sleep problems.

8. After a program

Currently, the digital sleep program takes 9 weeks to complete. After this you are responsible for maintaining your new good habits on your own.

After you end your program, Hvil® continues to provide access to the sleep diary and calculation of a new Hvil® score - but you no longer have access to the other activities.

We continue to work on several ways in which Hvil® can support you in maintaining and optimizing your new routines.

I couldn't believe that I'd be able to sleep good again. I've been so far out, but Hvil® has really helped me out. Now I sleep deep during the night.

Mariann, 59 years

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