Good sleep is good for business

Hvil® can both help your employees and members to get better sleep. However, insomnia is not something we talk about that much.

When you support your employees or members in overcoming their sleep problems, you are not only investing in well-being - it is also a good business case.

28% of sick leave at your workplace is due to sleep problems

Trouble sleeping is a growing social problem - also in the workplace.

Lack of sleep can lead to increased sickness absence and reduced productivity among your employees. Insomnia also increases the risk of your employees developing stress, anxiety and depression as well as accidents at your workplace.

Offer Hvil® to your employees and help your employees to get better sleep and well-being. Better sleep can reduce the number of sick days and increase productivity among your employees.

Offer your members insurance for healthier and better sleep

Sleep problems is a massive societal problem and leads to great economic and personal losses.

The socio-economic costs associated with sleep problems are 28 billion DKK. kroner annually, and is expressed in high sickness absence, inefficient work patterns and cognitive difficulties.

An insurance

Insurance is good to have behind you, regardless of whether your members are young, adult or elderly. We believe that this also applies to insurance against healthy and good sleep.

Hvil® is a digital solution which aims to prevent and improve members' sleep by means of individual coaching and maintenance of good sleep habits.

11 sick days

on average per year per person due to sleep problems


suffer from chronic sleep problems

1 ud af 10

uses sleeping pills


experience less fatigue after using Hvil®

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