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Hvil® recommended in Go' Morgen Danmark

By Mieke van Leeuwen

Schools are opening again and many young people are experiencing challenges in getting up on time. As a result, there has been an increased focus on young people and sleep.

On Monday, the 8th of August, 2022, the topic was taken up in Go' morgen Danmark on TV2 together with psychologist, professor and sleep expert Bobby Zachariae and doctor, author and lecturer Imran Rashid.

In the program, it was emphasised how screen time - a mixture of light and information - affects our sleep negatively.

Disrupted immune system

Our biological immune system has a circadian rhythm. It has been shown that screen time can reduce the length of our sleep, which can disrupt the circadian rhythm and have negative consequences on our brain and health.

A washing program that stops prematurely

In the feature, Bobby and Imran refer to our sleep as a "washing program" that allows the brain to process the many pieces of information and waste we accumulate while awake.

When the information is processed and the waste substances removed, we feel fresh again the next day.

When we sleep too little, it means that the washing program stops prematurely, and we therefore do not get rid of the waste products.

What can we do?

What are the solutions to this problem? It's about changing our sleeping habits in order to sleep deeper, longer and better.

Here, Hvil® is mentioned and recommended as an effective aid in getting more and better sleep.

Bobby Zachariae is a psychologist, professor and head of the Unit for Psychooncology and Health Psychology at Aarhus University. Bobby one of the researchers behind the development of Hvil®.

You can see the feature on Go' morgen Danmark. It requires that you have a TV2 Play subscription.

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