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The Danish citizens get sick while they wait

By Lise Birk Kristensen

All over the country, both young and old are queuing up to get help from a psychologist. But the waiting times have never been longer. Therefore, many citizens risk having to wait several weeks to get help.

The Danish Association of Psychologists has carried out a study which examines the waiting times among outside psychologists. The study shows that Danes wait a record long time to receive treatment. You can read about the study here.

In fact, citizens have to wait an average of 16.2 weeks to be treated by a psychologist. For young people between 18-21 years of age, the average waiting time is 14.6 weeks to get help. The study also revealed that the waiting times for psychological treatment in some Danish regions were over 20 weeks.

The record-high waiting times reveal that the number of emergency numbers and psychologists is alarmingly low in relation to the increasing demand, which can lead to a deterioration in the mental and physical health of vulnerable citizens.

The Danish Health Authority states that people who have a low level of mental health over a long period of time have a higher risk of developing somatic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, and psychological diseases, such as stress, depression and anxiety.

The long waiting times bring great pressure on the psychologists, the municipalities and society. Therefore, today there is a need for solutions that can help relieve the workload of the psychologists and provide faster help, that promote the citizens' mental health and that prevent the development of mental illness.

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