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Hvil® is a digital sleep coach for all of us with sleep problems. The app consists of a sleep diary and a tailored program, which is put together using intelligent technology, data and research. We help you sleep more and better.

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I sleep, and I sleep wonderfully.

I’m no longer afraid of not being able to sleep and don't worry about what happens, if I don't sleep. I'm deeply grateful for Hvil®.

Inger-Margrethe, 68 years

How Hvil® works

Hvil® combines sleep diary and sleep programme in the same application. The app aims to measure, screen and improve your sleep using insight into your sleep history, individual coaching and maintenance of good sleeping habits.

Sleep diary
The sleep diary is available to everyone and can be completed daily. This helps you gain insight into everything from sleep patterns, fatigue and measures your sleep problem. Every 7 days you get your personal Hvil®-score, which gives you insight into the degree of your sleep problem.

Sleep program
Your sleep diary can be supplemented with a sleep program. The program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, also called CBT. Your program consists of a series of activities, which are a combination of exercises, teaching and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy is remedial and effective in improving your sleep. Therefore, Hvil® was created in close collaboration with leading sleep experts and researchers in cognitive behavioral therapy.

The effect of Hvil®

Your personal sleep diary

Hvil® helps you track your sleep from day to day. This happens through a series of daily questions that give you insight into the development of your sleep.

Every morning and evening we start by asking you a series of questions. Your morning and evening check-in with Hvil® is the basis for us to create a process that is precisely adapted to you.

A tailored program

With a sleep program you get customized advice and guidance on how to best improve your chances of more and better sleep.

We customize everything to suit you. Based on your entries, we create a personalized program of a total of 9 weeks.

The program consists of daily activities which are used to suggest changes in your sleeping habits, thought patterns and behaviour.

Track your development

Hvil® makes it easy to keep an eye on how your sleeping habits and sleep quality develop over time, which is based on data from your sleep diary and your completed activities.

The better you are at carrying out your daily activities, the more complete your overview will be.

Not a quick fix

Many solutions on the market promise faster results, while the reality is different. Prolonged insomnia often leads to sedentary habits, and it takes time to change.

We do not promise a miracle cure, but we know, based on research, that the elements on which Hvil® is based are effective in getting more and better sleep.

The effect of your sleep program depends on your effort. If you stick with it and follow it, you will most likely find that your sleep improves.


fewer nightly awakenings


less fatigue*


completed activities


It is proven that poor sleep can affect concentration and well-being. It can also be linked to sickness absence and productivity.

Learn here how your workplace can benefit from helping your employees sleep more and better.


It is not just adults who can experience insomnia. Young people can do the same, and it can affect their youth and education.

Read here how schools and educational institutions can use Hvil®.


Do you have a research project that could make use of sleep data from your participants?

Read here how Hvil® can be used as a tool in your research.

Hvil® has had a very positive impact on the quality of my sleep. I have much less awakenings during the night and I also fall asleep faster. So I have experienced a very positive effect from using Hvil® - no doubt about it.
Jeanette, 50 years
I didn't dare believe that I could sleep well again. I've been at my wits end, but Hvil® has really helped me. Now I often sleep soundly at night.
Marian, 59 years
I am very grateful for what the course in Hvil® has given me. It has really made a difference to me and my sleep.
Anita, 55 years
I would definitely recommend Hvil® to others
Jeanette, 50 years
Hvil® has given me a wonderful experience of not being destroyed. I can actually sleep well.
Marian, 59 years

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